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Vintage Volvo Service

P & B Motorsports is pleased to offer mechanical service and restoration on the following Volvo models:

1950’s through 1970’s  444 | 544 | 122 | 140 | P1800

Please note:  We do not offer body shop services

Volvo 1800 Inspection Services

Recognizing that the 1800 series’ value has spiked, P and B Motorsports offers buyer/seller inspection services only on cars with which we have intimate knowledge, viz. vintage Volvos from the 1960s and ’70. Our expertise is with the 1800 series cars, although we will consider doing the 120 series as well. We don’t offer anything on cars for which we don’t have first-hand knowledge.

The principal of P and B Motorsports is Jim Perry. His vintage Volvo experience extends back to the 1970s, before the cars were vintage. He’s a regular columnist for Volvo Sports America. His column On the Racing Line provides insight into the vintage Volvo racing world. See the website for more information.

We offer a fully mobile pre-purchase mechanical and cosmetic inspection service. Our May through December locus of operation is in northeastern Wisconsin. We’re located in the Tucson, AZ region from January through April.

What you will receive:

  • A 200-point inspection that is summarized in a narrative detailing all points inspected.
  • Detailed digital photos of the entire vehicle. Not glamour shots showing areas that a classic Volvo collector would look at if they were there themselves. We also provide in-depth video toursof the exterior, interior, trunk, chassis, engine area, as well as a cold-start and check of all options and accessories, so you can see for yourself what works and what does not.
  • With the permission of the owner, the vehicle lifted and the underbody thoroughly inspected, with clear, detailed photos and video outlining areas of concern related to the floor pans, frame, frame mounts, steering and suspension components, bushings and fluid leaks.
    • Please note, even if the vehicle cannot be lifted, we will perform the most comprehensive inspection of the underbody possible. We will get as far under the car as physically possible on all sides and provide photographs of all areas of concern. With our equipment, we are able to photograph areas of the underbody we are unable to physically get to. Of course, the owner’s permission is required before we will lift their vehicle.
  • If the seller chooses to accommodate, and the vehicle is insured, a test drive of the vehicle with video, and a detailed essay narrative of the results of a comprehensive test drive.
  • If the seller chooses to accommodate, we will review any and all paperwork associated with the car, including all service records, documents and confirmation the title and VIN match.
  • After you have had an opportunity to review the report and photographs, a closing phone or in-person consultation to address any other questions or concerns.

2023 Base Price: $450

Add $50 for compression check

Add $100 for leak down test

Add $75 for analysis of D-jet components (E and ES cars only, no removal from car)

Add $0.60/mile round trip or airfare plus per diem

 Terms: Written contract prior to service, 50% down payment required prior to inspection. Balance upon completion of inspection and prior to written report provided. If for any reason the inspection does not take place, full refund is provided. Payment via Cashiers check or bank transfer. Add 4.4% of total for PayPal.

Contact us for additional details.